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The Better Brand

The Better Brand - Fragrant Body Elixir sample trio

The Better Brand - Fragrant Body Elixir sample trio

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This light, satin-textured serum sinks deeply into your skin, nourishing, hydrating and protecting. Plus, you get a dual-purpose product , fragrance + body elixir. For those who don't always want to discover traditional fragrances, this is your better option.

The Better Brand's body elixir contains 1.5% perfume putting it in the category of an Eau de Fraiche, so you can experience a light and subtle scent throughout the day or evening. Layer with the BETTER mist or solid fragrance for a more intense and personal scent. Did you know that layering is a known hack for helping to increase the lifespan of your fragrance?

OCEAN WILD - Saffron + Coconut Water + Ginger + Sea Salt + Driftwood - Olfactory family: Fresh Water (with Aromatic Notes)

FRESH INTENT - Fresh Earth + Herbs + Saffron + Tobacco Leaf + Hints of Tea + Fresh Rhubarb - Olfactory family: Aromatic Woods (with Green Notes)

SMOKY NOTES - Soft smoke + Suede Leather + Tobacco Leaf + Dry Grass + Wood notes - Olfactory family: Woody Amber (with dry leather notes)

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