Collection: MULXIPLY

In 2010, after nearly 20 years in the fashion and design industry and volunteering with humanitarian organizations in developing countries, Tanja Cesh founded MULXIPLY. Her travels through India, Nepal, and Southeast Asia exposed her to the harsh realities of human trafficking and the struggles faced by impoverished and marginalized communities worldwide.

Inspired by her visits to villages where women used craftwork to support their families, Tanja conceived MULXIPLY as a means to combat poverty through dignified employment. Leveraging her fashion industry experience and access to Western markets, she partnered with skilled artisans in need.

Nepal, with its 29 million people, grapples with daunting challenges, including half the population living below the poverty line, earning just 50 cents a day. Furthermore, only 44% of Nepalese women are literate, and deeply ingrained social, cultural, and economic systems perpetuate marginalization and exploitation.

The dire circumstances force thousands of Nepalese men to seek work as migrant labourers in the Middle East, often facing perilous and abusive conditions. Their absence leaves women and children vulnerable to human traffickers, resulting in an estimated 35,000 people trafficked from Nepal each year, some as young as 8 years old.

The devastating 2015 earthquakes in Nepal prompted MULXIPLY to expand its efforts to assist artisans in need.

One poignant moment during a post-earthquake visit exemplified the healing power of art. A woman crafting felt hearts shared that while the earthquake had shattered her heart, creating these small hearts was helping mend it.

These stories have fuelled MULXIPLY's commitment to collaborating with artisan groups in Nepal instead of mass-producing products in factories. Each product embodies hope and transformation through the hands that craft them.

As MULXIPLY grew from a concept into a global company with products available in shops and museums worldwide, they steadfastly adhered to working exclusively with Nepalese artists. This choice empowers artists to share their skills, generate positive economic impacts in their communities, and elevate their societal status. In doing so, MULXIPLY champions Nepal's art and artisan culture.