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Melody Nelson started life in 2006 as a boutique in Brunsiwck's Hardwick building. We were constantly on the hunt for unique products for the store, which is how we came to discover We Dream in Colour's incredible jewellery (see separate We Dream in Colour listing). Along the retail journey we also stumbled upon these intricately detailed brass bees and after much trial and error finally landed on a way to turn them into eye-catching brooches, which we produce under the Melody Nelson brand.

This lightweight brass be brooch comes in two sizes. The small (worker bee) spans 3.6cm x 2.9cm and the large (queen) spans 5.8cm x3.8cm. Gold tone pin. Both sizes come attached to a Melody Nelson branded display card.

10% of all after sales profits are donated to the Wheen Bee Foundation's Australian honey bee research: To date Melody Nelson has donated over $1000 to the Wheen Bee Foundation.

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