Who We Are


We are, Cant Find It

Cant Find It is a prominent brand retailer and distributor operating in Australia and New Zealand. With a strong commitment to sustainability and fair trade, Cant Find It has established itself as a leading force in promoting ethical consumption and responsible business practices finding products from around the world with that IT factor. 

As a brand retailer, distributor and business to business wholesaler, Cant Find It curates a wide range of sustainable and fair trade products to meet the needs of conscious consumers. From clothing and accessories to home goods and food products, their offerings encompass various categories, providing customers with a diverse selection of ethical choices.

Cant Find It meticulously sources its products from suppliers and manufacturers that adhere to rigorous sustainability and fair trade standards. They prioritize suppliers who use eco-friendly materials, practice responsible production methods, and implement ethical labour practices.

In addition to being a brand retailer, Cant Find It is also a trusted distributor and wholesaler of sustainable and fair trade products. They collaborate with other retailers, businesses, and organizations, making these ethical products easily accessible throughout Australia and New Zealand. By working closely with suppliers and manufacturers, Cant Find It ensures a seamless distribution process that prioritizes sustainability, fairness, and transparency.

Cant Find It goes beyond merely offering sustainable and fair trade products. We actively engage with our customers, providing educational resources and promoting awareness about the importance of making ethical purchasing choices. Cant Find It empowers consumers to make a positive impact on the environment and support fair treatment for workers.

We endeavour to be a trusted brand retailer and distributor, so that Australians and New Zealanders have a reliable source of sustainable and fair trade products. By promoting ethical consumption, Cant Find It contributes to the growth of a conscious consumer culture in both countries.

As a brand retailer and distributor, Cant Find It is dedicated to transforming the retail landscape of Australia and New Zealand by prioritizing sustainability and fair trade. Our unwavering commitment to ethical business practices empowers individuals to make informed choices that have a positive impact on the environment and communities worldwide. In an era where conscious consumption is paramount, Cant Find It serves as a beacon of responsible retailing, inspiring consumers to prioritize sustainability and fairness in their purchasing decisions.