Collection: MIMI'lou

MIMI'lou, founded in 2005 by Miriam Derville, a German with a background in luxury advertising and artistic direction for brands like Givenchy, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, and Guerlain. The inspiration for MIMI'lou came when Miriam wanted to share her love for drawing with her children by painting their stuffed animals on their bedroom walls. This creative endeavor brought joy to the children and piqued the interest of adults who inquired about the artwork. To have the freedom to place her drawings anywhere, Miriam realized they could be created using tape, giving birth to MIMI'lou's Stickers and Decals and beyond.

MIMI'lou draws inspiration from the whimsical and tender world of children's drawings on walls, creating a poetic atmosphere where characters like hippos, deer, and butterflies come to life. Over time, MIMI'lou has expanded its offerings to include bags, lamps, cushions, stationery, and more. It's a charming and innovative concept that continues to delight both children and adults alike.