Collection: Studio ROOF

Studio ROOF was born from the joys of parenthood, affirming Romy and Ilya's belief that imagination and playfulness are not confined to childhood but are essential elements throughout life.

The Dutch Design House's creative journey begins with paper, a versatile material with boundless potential, easily recycled and sustainably sourced. Through imagination, Studio ROOF craft a world within their cardboard products, including masks, birds, insects, cities, and more, each telling stories of nature, fantasy, art, and humanity.

Nature is central to their ethos, and to align with this, their products are crafted from recycled cardboard and adorned with plant-based vegetable inks to ensure their products are sustainable and non-toxic.

With more than fifteen years of teamwork, dedication, and passion, Studio ROOF continues to develop pieces that offer new possibilities through elegant and simple designs, inviting others to join them in crafting a world where imagination knows no bounds.
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