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The Better Brand

The Better Brand - Fragrant Body Elixir - Ocean Wild

The Better Brand - Fragrant Body Elixir - Ocean Wild

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This light, satin-textured serum sinks deeply into your skin, nourishing, hydrating and protecting. Plus, you get to enjoy the incredible fragrance. For those who don't always want to discover traditional fragrances, this is your BETTER option.

The Better Brand's body elixir contains 1.5% perfume putting it in the category of a Eau de Fraiche, so you can experience a light and subtle scent throughout the day or evening. Layer it with the BETTER mist or solid fragrance for a more intense and personal scent. Did you know that layering is a known hack for helping to increase the lifespan of your fragrance.

Saffron + Coconut Water + Ginger + Sea Salt + Driftwood

Olfactory family: Fresh Water (with Aromatic Notes)

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