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Chatty Feet

Chatty Feet - Paper Model - Leonardo Fold Vinci

Chatty Feet - Paper Model - Leonardo Fold Vinci

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If you’re an inventor like me, you’ll know that almost anything can be solved with a little imagination and a piece of paper. Of course, it helps if you’ve mastered the ratio of form to fun.

Each Chatty Feet Paper Model character takes around 15 minutes to build and is suitable for adults and kids 12+. See the video instructions here.

Designed by:

Laura Díez

Laura Díez is a Colombian illustrator and graphic designer. She loves bright colours and creating characters for brands such as Samsung and ChattyFeet. Laura also turns her hand to packaging design, editorial design and creating vibrant prints for fabrics and clothes. In her spare time, she enjoys a good coffee and chocolate cake at her local bakery – Colombia makes the best coffee!

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