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The Better Brand

The Better Brand - Solid Fragrance + Keeper - Fresh Intent

The Better Brand - Solid Fragrance + Keeper - Fresh Intent

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Why go solid? Traditional perfumes may be a liquid mix of alcohol and water, designed to project your fragrance - but The Better Brand ’re not traditional. Instead, The Better Brand have suspended The Better Brand's fragrance in skin loving waxes, forming a solid state. This means your fragrance will cling to the skin longer, allowing the scent to be discovered and not announced. it's suitable for sensitive skin, easier to transport and comes with a timeless keeper. Oh yeah, and it's also easier to apply. Refill options also available.

The Better Brand's solid fragrance contains 15% perfume, putting it in the category of Eau de Parfum (if you want to get fancy). This is your classic perfume category and will last most of the day or evening.

Fresh Earth + Herbs + Saffron + Tobacco Leaf + Hints of Tea + Fresh Rhubarb

Olfactory family: Aromatic Woods (with Green Notes)

Dimensions: 108.00 x 40.50 x 23.20 cm (H x W x L)
The Better Brand ight: 210.00 g

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