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Care By Me

Care By Me - Hemp Beach Bag - Stripe

Care By Me - Hemp Beach Bag - Stripe

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The Hemp BEACH bag is a stylish, unique and sustainable bag, perfect for warm and sunny days at the beach, summer dinners, casual daily and much more.

Add the SUN hat and you will have the perfect kit for a sunny summer as well as vacations all year round.The bag is crocheted by hand of pure hemp and organic cotton.

The BEACH bag is handmade in Kathmandu where women for centuries have mastered the craft of crocheting.We love the fact, that hemp is one of the most environmentally-friendly fabrics on the market.

50:50% hemp:cotton. Since the product is entirely handmade; no two are alike, hence there can be slight variation in colours and sizes H:45 cm - W:35 cm - Strap:78 cm

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