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Blabla Kids

Blabla Kids Doll - Rhapsody the Mermaid

Blabla Kids Doll - Rhapsody the Mermaid

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Blabla Kids' Dolls are crafted with quality heirloom materials, making them an ideal toy to be treasured and passed down through generations.  A perfect newborn or first birthday gift! 

Their iconic super soft Cotton Dolls are a perfect companion to keep your precious little company and comfort, plus each purchase helps to sustain traditional Peruvian artisans, their skills, and to support their communities.

All their dolls are proudly adorned with the EU Toy Safety Certification, designed in the USA and hand-knitted in Peru since 2001, Blabla Kids are the iconic Peruvian hand-knitted snuggle, a Blabla doll is a friend for life!

Each doll comes in two sizes - Regular 55-56cm and Mini 30-31cm, being handmade means slight variations are to be expected as each doll is truly unique.  Simply hand or machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle and lay flat to dry.

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