Zero Waste

At Can't Find It? we work towards being a Zero Waste company every day, reducing unnecessary packaging, recycling and using recycled packaging and products, and of course sourcing products that have a similar ethos, with the smallest climate footprint possible.

All our shipments are sent out with Carbon Neutral Shipping with Australia Post, Sendle or StarTrack.

All our shipping packages are either recycled from deliveries to us, or made using recycled and/or recyclable materials, no plastic ever - the only packing tape we use that isn't paper based is a 100% Cellulose 'Biogone' tape which is completely natural and contains zero plastic, thus is landfill biodegradable.

We pay a little bit extra to purchase all our cardboard boxes, paper tape, paper wrapping and paper from Officeworks to ensure we are contributing to their Restoring Australia project in partnership with Greening Australia, planting two trees for every one tree used.  This also helps us ensure that we do not support any wood pulp products that contribute to deforestation, not all suppliers do their due diligence to ensure every product in their supply chain either has the FSC Certification or is 100% recycled, but we do and Officeworks do.

We always choose Australian Made wherever possible.