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Blabla Kids

An iconic US brand, Blabla Kids dolls and decor are cherished worldwide and deeply embedded in countless households. Celebrated throughout popular culture for over 20 years, from Kardashian Kids Playroom Reveals, Superbowl Ads, Box Office Movies' and Hit TV Series' like Friends and Grace & Frankie. Blabla's whimsical dolls are bursting with quirky character, ready for many years of imaginative play.

Not only does Blabla Kids offer heirloom-quality products that have undergone rigorous safety testing, ensuring they can be treasured for generations to come, they also support artisans' in Peru, dedicated to preserving a generations-old tradition in an ethical and fair way.

Find out more about the Blabla Kids journey here...

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Studio Roof - Floral Wall Art - Lime Cocktail

Studio Roof

Brilliant Dutch design house Studio Roof has been creating beautiful eco-friendly 3D models for over 15 years, all made from recycled cardboard and vegetable inks, they can be used as wall art, decoration, toys, or mobiles, brightening any space.

These wonderfully creative celebrations of nature and the world around us are the perfect gift for anyone, even yourself!

We'll let them tell you their story here...

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Care By Me

CARE BY ME creates exquisitely designed and meticulously crafted, heirloom quality slow fashion and decor, ethically handmade by skilled artisans in India and Nepal.

At the heart of CARE BY ME's design philosophy lies in a commitment to durability, quality, and simplicity. Drawing inspiration from their proud Danish design heritage, blending it seamlessly with contemporary aesthetics, premium materials, and exceptional craftsmanship. Ethical production and sustainability is deeply ingrained in CARE BY ME's DNA, reflecting their unwavering dedication to responsible practices and our planet.

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We are dedicated to creating change and beauty, ethically. is a collection of ethically conscious resort wear, loungewear and home textiles created by hand and designed for day or evening—at the beach, at home, or in town. All pieces are crafted from natural fibers that are hand-loomed in different regions of Turkey and transformed into fresh, timeless looks that reflect a casual lifestyle.

We have been committed to working with local artisans, women-led businesses, family enterprises, and community cooperatives who produce unique and high-quality products with great care. provides sustainable incomes for artisans and conducts business following the principles of fair and direct trade.

Learn more about Cigdem and Nilufer here!

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Felt Toys


Pronounced "multiply", our brand was born out of the recognition that fashion can be fair, art can be healing, and design can change the world.

After spending nearly 20 years in fashion and design, paralleled with volunteering alongside humanitarian organizations in the developing world, Tanja Cesh launched MULXIPLY in 2010. While travelling to India, Nepal, and other parts of Southeast Asia, she was exposed to the horrors of human trafficking and the growing pandemic that affects poor and marginalized women and men the world over.

It was in the moments of sitting in villages, surrounded by women who were sewing or felting to make extra money for their families, where the seeds for MULXIPLY were planted. She saw a way to combat poverty by creating dignified employment by combining her experience in the fashion industry and the western marketplace with skilled artisans who needed work.

Learn more about Mulxiply's story here and their design process here .

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Painting Kits

Let's Paint Anywhere

Let's Paint Co was founded in 2020, with the hope that anyone could become a fabulous artist and keep busy while the Pandemic raged.

Thus, the Deluxe Paint Anywhere kit was born! An all in one paint-by-number kit that includes all the pre-mixed acrylic paint colours (numbered and ready to go), five quality paint brushes, a premium pre-printed canvas and a mini version of the finished piece to help guiding your eye.

Not only will you be able to relax and enjoy the simple act of painting and being creative, you will end up with a high quality piece of art to enjoy in your home or to gift to someone special. I can't think of anything better to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

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Melody Nelson

Melody Nelson started life in 2006 as a boutique in Brunsiwck's Hardwick building. We were constantly on the hunt for unique products for the store, which is how we came to discover We Dream in Colour's incredible jewellery (see separate We Dream in Colour listing). Along the retail journey we also stumbled upon these intricately detailed brass bees and after much trial and error finally landed on a way to turn them into eye-catching brooches, which we produce under the Melody Nelson brand.

This lightweight brass be brooch comes in two sizes. The small (worker bee) spans 3.6cm x 2.9cm and the large (queen) spans 5.8cm x3.8cm. Gold tone pin. Both sizes come attached to a Melody Nelson branded display card.

10% of all after sales profits are donated to the Wheen Bee Foundation's Australian honey bee research: To date Melody Nelson has donated over $1000 to the Wheen Bee Foundation.

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Sustainable Vases

Tiny Miracles

For years Laurien Meuter worked as a banker in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Today, her work with Tiny Miracles focuses on the less fortunate in the world. Her mission?

To help 1 million people to break out of the poverty cycle by 2030, and stay out of it.

Poverty is the single largest development issue in today’s world.
More and more individuals and companies are standing up to design a new future. We all know the system needs to change, and we can only do that if we listen to those living in poverty, learn from their experiences, and share our knowledge. Tiny Miracles' partners in Amsterdam and Mumbai are the front runners in designing and scaling the solution.

Learn more about Tiny Miracles process and story

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Wall decals


MIMI'lou was created in 2005 by Miriam Derville of German origin, based in Paris. With many years experience working with luxury brands as the artistic director for advertising for brands like Givenchy, Lacoste, Hugo Boss and Guerlain.

Miriam's whimsical and stylish yet simple designs are iconic and have been copied the world over. To share her passion for drawing with her children, Miriam painted their stuffed animals onto the walls of their rooms. Her children and their friends loved them so much that, by word of mouth, Miriam ended up doing many line drawings and paintings on many children's walls until she realised she could turn these beautiful poetic designs into decals that everyone could apply to their own walls. Thus MIMI'lou was born!

Inspired by the world of funny and tender children's drawings to create a poetic world where reading a book with her hippo, whispering a secret into the ear of a doe, or walking a butterfly can be leap off the pages and into your lives.

It's a sweet innovative idea that has been celebrated the world over for nearly 20 years!

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